A season for changes. A season for transitions

Seasons.09.25.2015Hello Friends! Happy first few days of Fall – the season for changes, transitions & crisp mornings that beckon us to slow down and linger longer. This season is certainly my favorite and whats not to love. There is something about the fall that leaves me yearning for cozy nights at home, football on the weekends, and anticipating holidays spent with family. Truth be told,  I’ve missed sharing on this little space and finally {after months} have found the time to sit down and write. Ahhh – feels good to be sitting here writing, sharing, putting thoughts down, having the opportunity to connect with all of you – doing something that truly brings joy. I’ve made a little promise  to carve out time to come and share – to document life’s moments, to share recent beauty purchases and to add to the lookbook I started months ago – among other posts I’ve been dreaming up over the past couple of months.

To say life has been busy is certainly a understatement but I am not here to glorify “the busy”, rather to lay out what you can expect from Routes & Wings moving forward. As mentioned in this post, I’ve started a little event planning business {Your Sweetest Day Events}. My hope is that both spaces will serve as inspiration. Here on R&W, you will find style, beauty, and personal posts. And on SDE you will find wedding & event planning details and marriage inspired posts. All of which have  sparked a deep yearning to chase a dream that continues to burn bright within me. It seems that time is what has been missing over the past few months  – but t dreams only come true when they are nurtured and when you do the work.

Here’s to the fresh start I’ve been searching for – seems I needed fall to help me find it. Speaking of fall – if you are looking for the perfect way to add a little feeling of fall to your smartphone – look no further.

Happy Monday! Until the next post…

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