On Saying Goodbye 


How do you say goodbye to a place that still feels very much like your home? A place that holds so many memories – where your name is etched in its core, where your now husband then boyfriend picked you up for your first date 12 years ago, where you spent many summers laughing with sisters and neighborhood friends, where you hosted a bridal shower for your best friend, where you brought your first dog. Oh if these walls could talk – they’d surely have stories to tell, stories of a family that loved to call its walls home.

These were the walls that sheltered us from storms, that taught us valuable lessons,and celebrated holidays and life’s milestones. How do you memorize its walls so as to hold tight to its smells, sounds, and that feeling of home? The sounds of the beegees or the smells of your fathers special weekend pancakes? How do you prevent it from fading…


Yesterday we said goodbye to my childhood home. Another family will soon move in and start to create their own memories. My hope is that they fill the home with love, laughter, and that they too will cherish this home as much as we did. Even writing this feels inadequate – how do you capture the feeling of home. How do you describe it’s essence? I think my words will never seem to be able to truly capture the home so in this case I’ll let the pictures do the talking…






My husband tells me our family and memories are what live on when we leave behind a home – and that I can’t deny but apart of me will always be with that home. So much of who I am and what I hope for – for my future family – I have that home and my experiences there to thank. Come to think of it, my husband is spot on – I have my family and memories to thank for making the house a home…

So long country home – thank you for the routes you’ve provided and for giving me the courage to find the wings upon which to carry me to the home I’ll build someday with a family of my own…


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