March Motivations


Whew! Can it really be March already? Its hard to believe that we are already into week two of month three of 2015. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was excited – with upcoming birthdays, and warm spring weather around the corner – yes March, I am very very happy you are here!

The best way I can think to describe the last couple of weeks is wonderfully & joyfully full – when life happens, it really happens. From a big project at work to school projects and weekends spent living, laughing, dancing, and loving the nights away with family, I am happy to say life has been happening in full force around these parts. This busy season of life has sadly left little time for creating and documenting on R&W. As I mentioned in a few recent instagram posts, rather than put together posts that were thrown together late at night {ultimately something I wouldn’t be proud of at a later time}, I took a step back and gave myself permission to focus on life without guilt. I was committed to managing a few tasks well rather than many things at half of what I am capable of. I will admit there were so many evenings that I thought about throwing together a post but ultimately knew that quality over quantity is something I strive for { and sleep, yes sleep has been absolutely necessary}. I have come to really enjoy this my small little  space in the world wide web – it’s such a joy to write freely and have a creative outlet. There are so many tough and heavy things that come into and out of our lives on a daily basis that outlets that allow our minds and hearts to sore are so very important.  This small break couldn’t have come at a better time…

Admittedly, I have heard other bloggers speak to the notion of “comparison being the thief of joy”. Whoa – did this ever hit close to home over the past couple of weeks. I started to feel like a tiny minnow in a sea of big fish and  began to doubt my posts and what I have to offer. Talk about the quickest way to cripple a creative endeavor – self doubt and comparison of one’s work to others. I began to wonder whether what I was putting together was something people really wanted when others are doing similar things. I started comparing what I was doing to what other, who have been doing this for years. I was stuck on the need to stand out, that is to identify what could set R&W apart. It was during these past couple of weeks, I began to realize that I am and what I have to offer can be and is enough.

The past couple weeks away were good though and with the projects slowing down, I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of daily posting. I’ve also had a chance to do some major brainstorming and am committed to taking R&W in the direction I have hoped it go since I started sharing on this space a little over a year ago. There are some big changes ahead – I hope you will stick around and join the ride….

Lastly, the quote in the image perfectly reflects the essence of this pose – a little reminder that comparison and doubt can cloud dreams. Sometimes it takes a little time-out to recharge and gain clarity…thankful for all those who’ve stuck around and for those special friends whose encouragement reignited the fire under this dream…

Here’s to tomorrows and all the possibilities they bring…Happy Thursday Friends, back to the regular schedule next week until then look for a big announcement this weekend – follow along here (if you don’t already).

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