Monochromatic Monday – Shades of Grey

RW.ShadesofGrey.02.2014bNothing beats the sense of opportunity associated with the first of a month – a fresh start for making dreams happen, for hitting refresh on goals you may have fallen short of in the previous month, and knowing there are 28 days to seek out adventure, make memories, and dream big. February, in particular, holds a special place in my heart – there are special birthdays and days of love to be celebrated but it also happens to be the month I met and started dating my now husband. Forever grateful for all the events that fell into place 12 years ago today…there were so many moments that had to collide in just the right way for us to end up in the same place that day; a day that would change my life for the better in ways I never could have imagined. Life certainly has a funny way of placing us in the right place at exactly the right time…






RW.ShadesofGrey.02.2014kljpgOutfit Details| Blouse (Jcrew, similar), Sweater (Ann Taylor, old- other bow details: ), Pants (Gap, similar, similar (love this one with a subtle floral print – perfect for spring!)), Boots (Aerosoles, similar – on sale!!)

Growing up, I wasn’t sure how I felt about a monochromatic look, but over the past couple of years I’ve come to love the simplicity of putting together a outfit using pieces of various shades of one color. I’ve found that mixing in patterns and various textures helps to create dimension thereby ensuring a look isn’t flat. Adding other accessorizing elements such as scarves and jewelry create interest and help ensure the various pieces of a outfit don’t simply fade into each other.  From the sweet bow details of this Ann Taylor sweater to the classic Jcrew blouse, these shades of grey compliment and help the intricate details play off each other to create a polished look for the long winter days ahead.

For this weeks, RWSC | pull together pieces to create a look using various shades of a single color. If you put together a monochromatic look this week and capture it using a social media platform be sure to use #rwstylechallenge2015!

Happy Monochromatic Monday! Thank you for stopping in & reading along..

Looking for other to style challenges to maximize your wardrobe this winter: RWSCs {1, 2}


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