Dreamers Gonna Dream


I’ve been working late nights on a really exciting series for Routes and Wings. I am so grateful for the wonderful bloggers, to be revealed soon, who have been working on this little secret with me.

I might just be the worst secret keeper but I am trying my best this time to keep this one quite until reveal day! {to be announced soon…} So I am popping in today to say that if you have a dream reach for it. Don’t be afraid to take a little risk, you just might end up being surprised…

I also read this amazingly inspiring feature on TheEveryGirl yesterday. Grateful for the little pieces of encouragement found in the everyday!

Happy Wednesday friends – see you tomorrow with a look featuring a new wardrobe favorite and just in time for the frigid temps that have made their home here in Philly. Also I am getting ready for a trip to the mountains – my first one – any suggestions on items that I should pack?

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