Winter Pane


The last two days have been spent reminiscing about snow days, thanks to the impending record-breaking snowstorm, Juno. Its hard to not feel a bit of nostalgia for those carefree days. You go to bed wishing and hoping for a snow day, not a delay but a full fledge snow day. Wake up to said snow day and spend the day building forts, tunnels, and snow people, until all feeling is lost in your fingers and toes. Bliss, I tell you. Pure childhood bliss. And here we are, adulthood, something we also hoped & wished for as kids – also hoping and wishing for a snow day. A comforting realization that childhood and adulthood aren’t really all that different…if only recess was still a mandatory element of adulthood…RW.BR.OfficeWear.01.2015d




RW.BR.OfficeWear.01.2015mOutfit Details | Sweater (Loft, similar), Pants (Banana Republic, similar), Jacket (Talbots, similar)

Speaking of childhood, this intricate and creative street art reminded me of elementary school art class and how we were pushed to think outside the box. It was a nice reminder of the importance of pursuing your passion and paving your own path.These intricately decorated streets can be found all over Philadelphia – each is so different from the rest yet beautiful just the same.

I’ve mentioned my love for Sloan pants before, but it is worth mentioning again. These classic pants are the perfect addition to any wardrobe and will easily become a staple! They are versatile, can be dressed up or down, and the fit is so flattering! If you are in the market for a great pant – be sure to check these out at BR. They are always coming out with new seasonal patterns – my suggestion grab a classic black pair and a print! And what is better than a great pant paired with a sweet scottie sweater and velvety jacket – a perfect combination for a January stroll.

Thanks for stopping in..see you later this week & stay warm friends!


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