2014 Holiday Wish List || For Her

R&W|| 2014 Holiday Wishlist

I’ve put together a collection of items that are currently topping my list for the holidays – any of these items would make perfect gifts for mothers, sisters, friends, or wives. Of course the true spirit of Christmas comes from the joy of time spent with family and friends but if you love giving as much as I do any of these items will be sure to make special gifts for those to whom you are giving…

I’ve divided the items into 4 groups || Fashion, Winter Essentials, Fitness & Beauty.

Fashion|| Blanket scarves are everywhere these days – not only are they practical but stylish. Extra Bonus – picking one up in any plaid pattern…
Fair Isle sweaters are also great options for warmth and style. One of my favorite bloggers put together a great post yesterday featuring a Old Navy Fair Isle sweater styled 3 ways.
Especially in the winter months, vests are excellent options for adding depth/interest and warmth to any outfit. Faux fur and patterned vests are some of my current favorites and are certain to be big gift hits as well!
The final item in the fashion category – black booties. Love these from Old Navy – perfect for office and causal attire. As gifts these booties will promise to be one of her most versatile pieces.

Winter Essentials|| Sock slippers are perfect gifts – warmth and safe; a perfect combination if you ask me…
I saw this hat in Athleta on Black Friday and thought it was the perfect beanie! I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect one and if you are looking for one to give – look no further! It has the perfect shape and color and is oh so warm!
With the arrival of winter – a pair of these or these will help ensure her feet stay warm, dry, and stylish. All of which I would consider essential, especially in the long winter months!

Fitness|| No fitness routine is complete without the ability to listen to a great playlist or podcast. Reliable earbuds will be certain to make she doesn’t miss a beat…
A great fitness gift would be a gift certificate to a class series she loves – a current favorite of mine is Pure Barre! If you haven’t tried it yet, I absolutely recommend it…
Finally, a great activity tracker can help to make sure she stays on track with her 2015 New Year’s Resolutions…
This mask – will help to ensure to gets her beauty sleep and helping her to be ready for tomorrow’s workout – whatever it may be…

Beauty|| The beauty features above are items I’ve had on my list to try, as they come highly recommended by two of my favorite beauty bloggers.
The first is this palette – I love all the browns and the hint of shimmer! This will be a great palette to carry her through all the seasons.
This organic product comes recommended by my favorite you-tube/blogger. I am looking forward to adding this to my daily beauty routine soon… (p.s she is having a awesome holiday giveaway on her blog! Be sure to check it out!!)
These final two products come highly recommend by my favorite hair/beauty blogger. I love trying new products in travel sizes, as it helps to cut some of the cost. I can’t wait to give these a try…
I’d love to hear some fashion pieces/products that you are looking forward to giving/trying. I am on the hunt for a few last gifts and could use some additional recommendations…
Thanks for stopping by!

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