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After reading this post by Liz, I found myself nodding my head  in agreement. She described the feeling of needing to bring a more light and airy feeling into her home. Perhaps it has been the particularly long and dreary winter we’ve had. Perhaps it is the essence of spring and feeling of needing to refresh our living spaces as the world outside start over and blooms. I was inspired and couldn’t agree more with the idea with each new season I always feel the need to make change in my living space. After such a long winter, bringing some light and airy feel into my living space is something I am currently dreaming of doing and here are some of the beautiful images that are inspiring me…


Danielle’s interior styling and spaces always inspire me. I love the grey headboard and beautiful side tables. The styling is perfection in all her spaces. Be sure to check out her blog and The EveryGirl for more interior styling inspiration. This room gives off that perfect airy and fresh feeling.


Love the color combinations in this space


Loving this beautiful color scheme – would be perfect for a bedroom or bathroom. Add some seasonal florals and change out the pops of color and this color palette can certainly carry you through every season…


Absolutely love the gingham printed chair, pillow, and white lamp. The chevron printed rug is beautiful. The rest of the room is a little dark for my taste but the chair takes the cake! Will be hunting for this beauty…

So tell me are you sharing in this feeling of needing to refresh your space? What space are you looking to refresh and what is your inspiration? I’d love to add some additional inspiration…


3 thoughts on “Currently Dreaming of| Bedroom Spaces

  1. LOVE that top bedroom. Naturally, every spring I go through a total decorating frenzy feeling. I’m holding back b/c we are moving to a place we own in a couple of months. Right now we’re renting in another city and it’s SO hard to NOT buy things for the home! I am going to get it out of my system by looking at posts like this and PINTEREST! What a lovely set of curated images.

    1. Thanks Christina! Me too! Each spring I feel myself wanting to hit refresh..but I agree with holding off until the move! So exciting though – looking forward to following along with your decorating posts!! Pinterest is both so good and so dangerous!!

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