Weekly Highlights| Dreams, Blossoms, & Weekends


TGIF! It’s been one of those weeks that felt long but went quickly?! Ever happen to anyone else? I feel like this happens when things are busy. J and I have had busy weekends the past two weekends and are looking forward to a weekend of relaxing, doing some spring cleaning, and running a few errands both in town and out. I hope to have also have a little time this weekend to recharge by unplugging, spending some time outside, going on a few runs, and maybe picking up a new book – any good recommendations? I’m always looking for a great new book to get lost in…

We’ve certainly had a full week so lets get to the highlights and put this week in the books…


Had a great run on Saturday with my husband (on his birthday). I won an entry for the BackOnMyFeet’s annual 5 miler and got to meet one of my favorite bloggers! The run was fantastic – better than I expected and I felt strong during the run despite two really tough hills. Happy to knock this of my list of to do’s for this year – its been a goal of mine to run a race and finish with a smile on my face and a sense of accomplishment in my heart. Couldn’t have done this without my husband and dad’s encouragement…


So excited to see these beautiful pink blossoms on the tree’s in Philly – it means spring is finally here! Looking forward to some runs and time outdoors this weekend in order to soak up more of this beautiful season. We recently turned our heat off (excited to save a little too) and are anxiously awaiting warm enough weather to open the windows and let the fresh air in…


Started the new month and new season with a blog update  by making some changes to the layout this week with the hopes of making commenting easier. When I was little I was the family member that was always rearranging furniture and making changes in her room. I love updating and changing the look of my space and this little blog is no exception…


Received some big and really exciting professional news this week. So grateful for the opportunities to continue to learn and grow. I am looking forward to what the future holds…


The last highlight of the week is  my excitement for the weekend & the opportunity to relax, be productive, and enjoy sometime with my husband…

Happy Weekend Friends – be sure to check in tomorrow morning for the weekly installment of Currently Loving & follow along on instagram for weekend updates…

Also R&W is now on Facebook – be sure to like Routes and Wings Blog on facebook for details about exciting events coming up…

Also linked up today with Lauren for HF4F (another favorite blogger of mine)

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Highlights| Dreams, Blossoms, & Weekends

  1. Congrats on the run! I LOVE to meet fellow bloggers. My sister does too and when she lived in Japan, she totally ran into a famous Malaysian blogger at the Ginza! Crazy! Love the simple blog layout. I myself enjoy a lot of white space! Have a wonderful weekend and congrats on the exciting work news!

    1. It was a great run and so fun meeting a fellow blogger!Thank you for the congrats and for stopping by Routes&Wings today! Enjoyed stopping by your blog as well! Happy weekend!

    1. They are beautiful this time of year! Its my favorite part of the spring season when everything starts to bloom! Thank you for the book recommendation and for stopping by Routes & Wings!

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