Beginnings| 04.2014

April 1st –  a new month with new goals and the perfect time to reflect on the past month. Its a little thing I love to do at the beginning of each month in order to continuously grow and work towards personal, professional, and family goals. With the spring weather slowly creeping in, I feel like a new season is a great opportunity to start fresh and take on new opportunities.

First, I thought I would reflect on last month’s goals. I fell a little short on my personal goals from last month – I wasn’t able to make it to as many yoga classes as I had hoped, and I didn’t have time to pick up some new books. I was able to take some time to be present each day, but I think I could continue to work on this. I am going to challenge myself this month to document something inspiring each day in order to work towards this goal again this month. I think to make my personal goals a little more manageable, I am going to make them more focused:

My personal goals this month are:

  • Attend 4 yoga classes – once a week
  • Read 1-2 books this month (anyone have any good recommendations)
  • Run at least 4 times a week
  • Cook a new-to-me meal 2 times this month

I’ve loved dedicating time to making Routes&Wings a place to share my daily moments, style, and inspiration. I’ve enjoyed sharing my thoughts with all of you this past month and look forward to another fabulous month here. I have a couple of fun surprises in the next month and am looking forward to continuing to learn from this community and growing.

Goals for Routes&Wings:

  • Work to develop posts earlier in order to bring the best content to this little space
  • Strive to bring new and fresh content daily
  • Continue to connect with other bloggers  and readers locally and across the country

A big thank you to everyone who follows along with Routes&Wings – stay tuned for another great month & a few fun surprises this month….starting with a new blog design as seen today!

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