Currently Loving| A Simple Birthday Wish…


Happy Weekend! This week was pretty low key so I thought I would do a very special weekly highlights/currently loving post & wish a very happy birthday to my wonderful husband. I am so grateful for all his love and support  {as exemplified in this post} that I thought I would dedicate a post to wishing him the happiest of birthdays…Happy Birthday J – may you know how much you are loved as we celebrate you on this special day! How grateful I am to walk {run} through life’s journey by your side…


Thank you for always finding a way to bring joy to those in your life. Your kind heartedness and devotion to your family & friends is one of your most endearing qualities…


Thank you for being a supporter, encourager, and believer. You passion for life {& sports} is truly contagious…


Happiest Birthday J! Here’s to the past – as it helped you become who you are today – and to the future – as it holds all that you will become from this day forward.

xoxo – D


3 thoughts on “Currently Loving| A Simple Birthday Wish…

  1. Happy Birthday to my fraternal brother from another mother whose a different color!!! Lol!! I hope you have an an amazing day and weekend. You are truly an amazing person and I am thankful that I have the pleasure of working with you!!!


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