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The transition between seasons can often make planning & packing for a weekend away tough, especially when it comes to traveling up north. It certainly requires a great deal of patience and flexibility, particularly this year when temperatures seem to be trending “below average”. Despite the winter weather hanging around,  we can sense spring is on the horizon – we’ve had a taste of the warmer weather, the longer days, and the vibrant colors. And so we embrace it – the colorful vibrancy of spring on some days, cozy bundled neutrality of winter on others, and the in-between for days when neither spring nor winter dominates.

We had a little of the in-between this weekend in New England. Some moments you could feel spring peaking through and others were reminders that we aren’t quite finished with winter. I always love traveling up north. The picturesque and quintessential New England landscape brings memories of cozy winters and relaxing summers flooding back to me. I could sense that spring was on the way despite the lingering snow mounds.

When traveling my favorite pieces to pack are those that are versatile and comfortable. I tend to stick with neutral pieces in order to mix and match thereby creating as many outfits with as few pieces as possible. I also gravitate towards comfort in order to allow as much flexibility in my day(s). Unless there are special events, my travel wear tends to exude the “I’m ready for anything” vibe. Flexibility at its finest, my friends. Case and point: this jcrew outlet button up and these gap outlet boyfriend jeans. Causal and comfortable. Add a jacket, pearls, and some black booties & you’re ready for dinner. A easy outfit for a relaxing weekend with family: evenings spent catching up, and plenty of sport madness.

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