Weekly Highlights| A New England Weekend for R&R


Happy Friday! J and I made the trip up 95 last night to enjoy a weekend in New England.  We ended up starting the road trip a little later than expected and didn’t get in until late last night – but not before making a quick stop for a his & her caffeinated beverage to fuel the trip. Thank goodness for SiriusXM radio and March Madness – we were sufficiently entertained for the ride. Go Nova!

My week was certainly hectic and productive, but boy am I happy to have today to catch up & work ahead. I’m looking forward to spending some time with the family and enjoying all that New England has to offer…be sure to follow along here  for little glimpses into our long weekend up north. Thank you to everyone who stopped by  R&W this week. It meant & means the world to me. So here’s to the first Friday of spring, a relaxing weekend and looking forward to a new season. Without further adu my weekly highlights:


(1) A fun St. Patty’s celebrating with friends! We had plans to tackle this list but ended up falling short. Regardless, it was a great to catch up with friends and spend the day enjoying the holiday & city!

(2) We received the link to our wedding video early this week and loved reliving the day. Our videographer did an absolutely fabulous job – there were so many little surprises. She helped us relive the wedding and caught the moments that we didn’t get to see. My plan is to share this in a upcoming wedding recap…


(3) Channeling Rocky – curiosity of the Art Museum. Between the busy week and a upcoming fitness event, I need all the Rocky I can get! Stay tuned for more info next week…


(4) A simple weekday morning – just what the doctor ordered for a busy week. The perfect way to re-charge: a coffee date with the husband and a weekend with the family. #grateful

(5) Best moment of the week: Overhearing a older couple’s conversation regarding how wonderful it is that the younger generation is taking care of them. They were discussing how life eventually comes full circle – their caretaker duties had come to an end but the younger generation were picking up here and taking on the responsibility of caring for them. It was a beautifully unexpected yet truly genuine comment. The appreciation of this couple was understood appreciative tone through which they were expressing their gratitude for the care they had received. The reality of this couple’s conversation also struck a strong cord with me – reminding me of my own responsibilities to care for those who once {and still do} care for me.

Happy Friday! Linking up with Lauren today


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