Get Fit| Tips for Keeping on Track with your Fitness Routine {No.2}


The past few days have been extremely busy and when the weeks get hectic, I find I sometimes need a little extra motivation to stick with my fitness routine. Consistency is so important when working towards fitness goals and it can be easy to fall out of a routine when life throws a few curve balls. And while sometimes its important to cut yourself a little slack, I’ve found the following tricks can help me stay on track when I feel like I’m losing a little motivation.

1. Having new music or a new audio book to listen to or a great new podcast can help you to look forward to your workout. I’ve been listening to these podcasts on my long runs on the weekends and its made the miles fly by and helped me to look forward to my run. This blogger often listens to audiobooks on her long runs – another great method for helping to look forward to a workout…

2. Tracking my workouts on dailymile helps to record progress and provides a great platform to watch progress from week to week. I love being able to see how my times have changed – it absolutely helps to keep me motivated to stick with it.

3. Signing up for a event, such as a crossfit competition, or a run, such as a 1/2 marathon, is another great way to help you stay motivated and on track. I find that signing up for a event helps to create a calendar of workouts – which culminate on the day of the event. I tend to prefer to be over-prepared for events – so working back from the date in order to ensure I am prepared helps to map out and ensure a routine…


4. Sometimes a new running shirt or strength training pant can do the trick. If I feel like my fitness routine needs a little pick me up, a great new piece of activewear can sometimes help to motivate me to hit the gym or go for that run. I also will sometimes trick myself with a new fitness wardrobe item as a reward for achieving a goal, especially if it is something I’ve been looking forward to purchasing for sometime. Some of my favorite stores for great new fitness gear: TJMaxx, Marshalls, Old Navy & Lululemon

5. Signing up for a new fitness class, joining a group run or a local community sports team can help to ensure consistency in your fitness routine. Its a great way to also find accountability partners and meeting new people that most likely share similar fitness goals. Most places have group runs and organizations that promote great group fitness activities…

6. I’m also a big fan of making sure your fitness gear motivates you to keep working towards your fitness goals: a great new water bottle, a new set of earphones, an armband to carry your ipod during a run, a new gps running watch, a new fitness app…powering your workouts with helpful tools keeps you moving forward towards your goals.


These are just a few of the tricks I use to help stay on track, particularly when the weeks get busy and I need that little extra motivation. I also will use pinterest as a place to find new workouts and motivation.  So tell me, what are your fitness motivation tips and tricks – I’d love to add a few to my book….

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