Style|Cozy + Edgy




They often say that the transition between winter and spring weather is best described as indecisive – or put simply hot and cold both literally and figuratively.   The weather this weekend was no exception – it wasn’t sure if it wanted to be warm and spring like {Saturday} or cold, windy, and snowy {Sunday}. My relationship with the weather could use a little more stability these days and by stability I mean predictability consistent warm sunny spring days.

But I’ve heard that “sunshine wouldnt’ be as sweet if it wasn’t for rain.” It’s least desirable things in life that make the sweeter moments even sweeter. So I embraced this notion and took the opportunity to cozy up in a cream sweater for a simple Sunday afternoon – hopefully for the last time this year. I added a little style and edge with faux leather pants, a statement necklace, and knee high boots. This week is sure to be a busy one, particularly Monday, so I was happy to have a cozy Sunday with my husband. This outfit is my go to on days when comfort and style are equally important.

So here’s to embracing the season’s final episode of winter weather & busy Mondays so that the start of spring and Fridays can be that even sweeter…


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