Real Talk|21 Days to Discovering the Athlete Within


Growing up, I was a multi-sport athlete. I enjoyed running from practice to practice; and chased the pure joy I would experience after a great workout. Nothing could beat the feeling of accomplishment after completing a grueling workout. No matter the day, I was always up for the challenge and was determined to work hard in order to be the best I could be. This all changed in college – when I allowed a single experience to dramatically change my relationship with exercise. Despite various attempts over the past few years to make a grand comeback, it never really happened. Its been more of a roller coaster ride of up and down commitment met by various events that have always seemed to derail my goal. There have been a few close moments over the past – small glimmers that give me hope and encourage me to believe that the previous fearless athlete is still within.


Today, while speaking with my husband he encouraged me to stop running away from my fears and to never give up. So, keeping in tune with my beginnings post yesterday, I am making a promise to myself that this year exercise will become a permanent part of my lifestyle. In order to hold myself accountable, I am making a commitment to at least 21 days of exercise this month. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit; time to put that saying to the test.

In order to stay on track, I plan to post daily via instagram or twitter. My hope is to attend classes at my gym, yoga, and if the weather decides to start to cooperate, run outside.  I hope you will join me on this journey! I’d love to hear what lifestyle changes you are incorporating into your life! There is something about a new season on the horizon that encourages new habits and a fresh new outlook on moving forward. Now if only the old man winter would pack up his snow, ice, and dreary days…

So today, I ask you how do you seek out motivation in order to institute lifestyle changes? What lifestyle changes are you working to incorporate? How do you hold yourself accountable?

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