Style|Love it or Leave it: Bows

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I’m going to start off by saying I almost included Bows in the name of this blog. For that reason alone, I’m going to go ahead & punch my vote as a love. I love that bows never really seem to go out of style. This beautiful little accent can add a charming element to any outfit and consequently they rarely go unnoticed.

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Sometimes a bow will accent the outfit with a soft & subtle feminine flare. While other times they are the central feature, demanding the center of attention in a very chic fashion.  Looking for a edgy yet feminine accessory – try a leather studded bow. Bows are also incredibly versatile in they can be worn through every season.  The possibilities are truly endless for how this fun trend can be added to any outfit.

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So tell me, will/do you do accessorize with bows or will this accessory be one you will do without? If you love them, how will you add them this spring? I featured bows in my wedding: my shoes, the flower girl dress, the cake all had delicate bows in lace, satin, and blue hues. Stay tuned to future posts recapping these wedding details.

If you decide to leave the bow – what other accessories will you be styling with this spring – stripes are one of the things that come to mind for me!


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