Beauty│Vibrant Lips – Exfoliate, Moisturize, Treat

With the dry winter air, I’ve found my skin and lips have been lacking some serious moisture lately. Despite the consistent application of chapstick, the humidifier, and the continuous hydration, my lips could use a little extra TLC in the winter months. And with all the bold lips I’ve been seeing lately & Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’ve put together a collection of products to ensure the vibrancy of my favorite lip color (Revlon Super Lustrous in Plumalicious) lasts and lasts. Keep reading for a few products to try in order to ensure your favorite lip color shines through day & night…

Exfoliate – Lip scrubs can be a perfect way to help ensure you have a smooth, moisturized surface to apply your lipstick. I’ve tried a few philosophy products recently, and thought this Kiss Me exfoliant would do the trick. I’ve also heard great things about the natural products LUSH offers and am looking forward to trying products from this line soon

Moisturize – Using a moisturizing lip balm will certainly help to ensure your lips are protected from the dry air and abrasive winds in the winter. Here are a few that are sure to help keep the moisture in. Bonus to those that help relieve dryness on hands, elbows & knees {Smiths} and to those that add a little tint for the times when you need a little color and are on the run {Vaseline}…

Treat Overnight – Another great option is a overnight treatment, like this one from philosophy and this one from Bite, for adding additional moisture throughout the evening. Both are great options for helping to fight against dry and cracked lips, especially in the middle of winter.

Once your lips are exfoliated and moisturized, you’ve managed to fight half the battle against the winter winds and dry heat.  Be sure to check back early next week for the remaining tips and tricks, just in time for Valentines Day, a date night in or out, cocktails with the girls, or errands on the weekend.

Would love to hear your tips and tricks for beating the winter air this season. What great lip products have you tried recently?

Here are some other great products and be sure to check out my Pinterest page for other beauty inspiration

Exfoliate, Moisturize, Treat

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