A season for changes. A season for transitions

Seasons.09.25.2015Hello Friends! Happy first few days of Fall – the season for changes, transitions & crisp mornings that beckon us to slow down and linger longer. This season is certainly my favorite and whats not to love. There is something about the fall that leaves me yearning for cozy nights at home, football on the weekends, and anticipating holidays spent with family. Truth be told,  I’ve missed sharing on this little space and finally {after months} have found the time to sit down and write. Ahhh – feels good to be sitting here writing, sharing, putting thoughts down, having the opportunity to connect with all of you – doing something that truly brings joy. I’ve made a little promise  to carve out time to come and share – to document life’s moments, to share recent beauty purchases and to add to the lookbook I started months ago – among other posts I’ve been dreaming up over the past couple of months.

To say life has been busy is certainly a understatement but I am not here to glorify “the busy”, rather to lay out what you can expect from Routes & Wings moving forward. As mentioned in this post, I’ve started a little event planning business {Your Sweetest Day Events}. My hope is that both spaces will serve as inspiration. Here on R&W, you will find style, beauty, and personal posts. And on SDE you will find wedding & event planning details and marriage inspired posts. All of which have  sparked a deep yearning to chase a dream that continues to burn bright within me. It seems that time is what has been missing over the past few months  – but t dreams only come true when they are nurtured and when you do the work.

Here’s to the fresh start I’ve been searching for – seems I needed fall to help me find it. Speaking of fall – if you are looking for the perfect way to add a little feeling of fall to your smartphone – look no further.

Happy Monday! Until the next post…

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On Saying Goodbye 


How do you say goodbye to a place that still feels very much like your home? A place that holds so many memories – where your name is etched in its core, where your now husband then boyfriend picked you up for your first date 12 years ago, where you spent many summers laughing with sisters and neighborhood friends, where you hosted a bridal shower for your best friend, where you brought your first dog. Oh if these walls could talk – they’d surely have stories to tell, stories of a family that loved to call its walls home.

These were the walls that sheltered us from storms, that taught us valuable lessons,and celebrated holidays and life’s milestones. How do you memorize its walls so as to hold tight to its smells, sounds, and that feeling of home? The sounds of the beegees or the smells of your fathers special weekend pancakes? How do you prevent it from fading…


Yesterday we said goodbye to my childhood home. Another family will soon move in and start to create their own memories. My hope is that they fill the home with love, laughter, and that they too will cherish this home as much as we did. Even writing this feels inadequate – how do you capture the feeling of home. How do you describe it’s essence? I think my words will never seem to be able to truly capture the home so in this case I’ll let the pictures do the talking…






My husband tells me our family and memories are what live on when we leave behind a home – and that I can’t deny but apart of me will always be with that home. So much of who I am and what I hope for – for my future family – I have that home and my experiences there to thank. Come to think of it, my husband is spot on – I have my family and memories to thank for making the house a home…

So long country home – thank you for the routes you’ve provided and for giving me the courage to find the wings upon which to carry me to the home I’ll build someday with a family of my own…

New Adventures|When Chance Comes A Knockin’


When an unexpected opportunity knocks, you greet it at the door with open arms, inviting it in to stay awhile – fully recognizing that this could be the start of a great new adventure – the kind that makes your heart sore and the place where passion and profession come together…

Without going into all the details, a wonderful friend and his beautiful fiance have graciously allowed me to be a part of one of the most important days of their lives in a capacity that up until now has only been a “maybe someday” dream. To say its an honor is an understatement. I hope you will join me over the next months as I navigate these new waters learning and crafting the experience that I hope to call my business for years to come…

Routes & Wings will continue to serve as the place where I document the development of this dream, highlighting style, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle features on a weekly basis in addition to features about this future endeavor. I am beyond excited about this new adventure and look forward to sharing this journey with you all. Until tomorrow…

Happy Tuesday lovelies!

Xoxo – D

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March Motivations


Whew! Can it really be March already? Its hard to believe that we are already into week two of month three of 2015. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was excited – with upcoming birthdays, and warm spring weather around the corner – yes March, I am very very happy you are here!

The best way I can think to describe the last couple of weeks is wonderfully & joyfully full – when life happens, it really happens. From a big project at work to school projects and weekends spent living, laughing, dancing, and loving the nights away with family, I am happy to say life has been happening in full force around these parts. This busy season of life has sadly left little time for creating and documenting on R&W. As I mentioned in a few recent instagram posts, rather than put together posts that were thrown together late at night {ultimately something I wouldn’t be proud of at a later time}, I took a step back and gave myself permission to focus on life without guilt. I was committed to managing a few tasks well rather than many things at half of what I am capable of. I will admit there were so many evenings that I thought about throwing together a post but ultimately knew that quality over quantity is something I strive for { and sleep, yes sleep has been absolutely necessary}. I have come to really enjoy this my small little  space in the world wide web – it’s such a joy to write freely and have a creative outlet. There are so many tough and heavy things that come into and out of our lives on a daily basis that outlets that allow our minds and hearts to sore are so very important.  This small break couldn’t have come at a better time…

Admittedly, I have heard other bloggers speak to the notion of “comparison being the thief of joy”. Whoa – did this ever hit close to home over the past couple of weeks. I started to feel like a tiny minnow in a sea of big fish and  began to doubt my posts and what I have to offer. Talk about the quickest way to cripple a creative endeavor – self doubt and comparison of one’s work to others. I began to wonder whether what I was putting together was something people really wanted when others are doing similar things. I started comparing what I was doing to what other, who have been doing this for years. I was stuck on the need to stand out, that is to identify what could set R&W apart. It was during these past couple of weeks, I began to realize that I am and what I have to offer can be and is enough.

The past couple weeks away were good though and with the projects slowing down, I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of daily posting. I’ve also had a chance to do some major brainstorming and am committed to taking R&W in the direction I have hoped it go since I started sharing on this space a little over a year ago. There are some big changes ahead – I hope you will stick around and join the ride….

Lastly, the quote in the image perfectly reflects the essence of this pose – a little reminder that comparison and doubt can cloud dreams. Sometimes it takes a little time-out to recharge and gain clarity…thankful for all those who’ve stuck around and for those special friends whose encouragement reignited the fire under this dream…

Here’s to tomorrows and all the possibilities they bring…Happy Thursday Friends, back to the regular schedule next week until then look for a big announcement this weekend – follow along here (if you don’t already).

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12 Years


12 years ago – I said yes to a question that would change my life in ways I never could have dreamed or hoped for. Our relationship has been shaped by our childhood, nourished by our commitment, and sealed in a promise we make daily. Hard to believe that little boy and girl recognized then what we know today.


Thank you J for choosing, daily, to walk through this crazy life with me. You are my better half. I admire the sacrifices you make for our family, love you like crazy, and look forward to the home we are building and the family we have begun. I truly am the luckiest. Ja te aime immer und ewig.

My heart is home in yours…

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StreetStyle| Wannabe Fashion Blogger. San Francisco, CA


After months of planning, I am so excited to introduce the first feature for StreetStyle, a style and travel series exploring fashion from the viewpoint of everyday girls and their cities. I have a great line-up of fabulous bloggers for the series that I cannot wait to share with you. Tamryn, the blogger behind WannaBeFashionBlogger, has graciously agreed to be the first in the series. If you are looking for a great new source of style inspiration– look no further. From leopard printed clutches to rockstud pumps, this girl knows fashion and how to find the most stylish pieces at the best prices. Looking to curb your winter wanderlust, her city will steal your heart and is certainly one to add to your must travel list. Enjoy getting to know Tamryn and her city – her feature promises bring the wannabe fashion blogger out of us all…


City & Style

Thanks for being willing to share with us a little about your style & your city. Let’s start out by discussing the ways in which San Francisco influences your style:

I have lived in the Bay Area for my entire life and, as you can imagine, my style has evolved over the years. The city has such an artistic feel, which is similar to how I see fashion and personal style. What you choose to wear should represent you and your spot in this big world. I love challenging myself to find unique ways to put together unexpected outfits, which has definitely stemmed from living in San Francisco. 

image (1) (2

What are your go-to, everyday, never-fail, always-feel-fabulous pieces in your wardrobe?

About five months ago, I purchased a pair of Valentino Rockstud heels and have been obsessed with them ever since! They have the ability to make an “ugly day” feel fabulous and they never fail to put a little hop in my step when I wear them. Some other must-haves are a camel-colored coat (goes with everything!), high-waisted skinny jeans, striped long-sleeve tops, and a fabulous bag, like my Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag and my Clare Vivier Foldover Leopard Clutch.


You’ve got the midi trend down to a science! Tell us about what you love about this trend…

Midi skirts are my jam! I love the timeless yet effortlessly chic look they give off. As a kid, I was convinced I was born into the wrong era because all I wanted to wear were 1940’s styles, like long full skirted dresses and skirts.

What is the single style tip you use to pull together any look?

Add lipstick! I can’t and won’t leave the house if I don’t have at least some color on my lips. It’s the easiest thing I can do to feel put together and it never fails to make me feel like my most beautiful self



City Travel Guide

We’ve made a quick stop in San Francisco with 24 hours to explore and fall in love with the city. We want to find those hidden city gems that only the locals know and love. Tell us where we can find:

The best coffee/tea shop & what should we order| The best local coffee/tea places in SF…wow. There are too many to count! I love Martha and Brothers coffee houses, as well as Four Barrel Coffee and the Starbucks (hear me out!) at 685 Beach Street (near Ghiradelli Square) is the most amazing Starbucks I’ve ever been…

The best place to grab lunch| San Franciscans take their food very seriously and I am all about trying new restaurants. Some of my favorite places are Rome Burger, Eric’s Chinese, Noetecca, Jane, Cafe St. Jorge, and Paxti’s Pizza – just a few of my favorites.



The must see sites| You must go to Fillmore Street to check out the fun shops and good eats. This is more of a local hotspot so it’s not always on all tourists’ radars. You also have to check out the Palace of Fine Arts and the surrounding areas near it (Chestnut St, the Marina, the Presidio). North Beach is also one of my favorite areas visit. The food and sights are amazing!

The best local place/boutique to shop| I love boutique shopping on Fillmore St, Chestnut St, Union St, and 24th St!



The Girl Behind the Blog

Tell us about the outfit that best describes you?

My hot pink kate spade new york dress (see first image). I bought this last summer and it truly embodies everything I love about my own personal style. It’s feminine, bright, and has a timeless style about it.



What are your go-to beauty products?

Stila liquid eye-liner, Dior Overcurl Mascara (the BEST!) Bobbi Brown concealer, Bobbi Brown cream blush, and NARS multiple in Copacabana for a beautiful glow). 

What advice would you give to the dreamers and adventurers to make 2015 the best yet?

Stop hesitating. Just DO it!



Thanks, Tamryn, for sharing your style and painting San Francisco in such a beautiful light! I couldn’t agree with you more, personal style is a reflection of who we are and is ours to own. And yes, a great shade of lipstick can absolutely complete any look – a must in every women’s bag of beauty goodies. Be sure to check out Wannabe Fashion Blogger – you will love reading along…

Got a fabulous city & personal style that we should hear about? Would love to feature you, your style, and your city in an upcoming StreetStyle. Email me if you’d like to be featured in a upcoming StreetStyle…

Be sure to check in next week, we will be traveling to Washington D.C. Bon Voyage…

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Snow Days


Anyone else feel like the month is flying by? Its hard to believe Valentines Day has come and gone. Speaking of Valentines Day, we ended up staying in and cooked the most delicious meal – so good it could have passed for a restaurant meal without the trek through treacherous snowstorm that blew through the area. We ended the evening with a movie – it may have been my favorite Valentines Day to date – spending time together in the home we’re building together. Before the hurricane like winds came roaring into the area, we had the most beautiful soft fluffy snow fall this weekend. A sweet backdrop for a special holiday weekend… RW.BRDress.02.2015b





Outfit Details| Dress (Banana Republic, similar); Jacket (Loft, similar), Shoes (Nine West, similar)

This dress is one of my favorites – perfect for busy days at the office but causal enough for after work dinner and drinks. From the classic shape to the fun pocket details, this dress is what I reach for on those mornings when it feels like there is nothing to wear. Pieces like this dress are essential for your wardrobe – the trusty go to pieces that solve style problems particularly on days when you feel like you have nothing to wear. These are usually classic and timeless pieces – like the perfect LBD, a tailored blazer, a great ankle pant. The perfect solution for a style rut. Invest in a few of these and you will avoid falling victim to the I have nothing to wear mornings.

Happy Monday Friends – heres to the start of a new work week, make it a fabulous…

Be sure to check in tomorrow, I am excited to announce a new series on Routes & Wings, StreetStyle. It is a series dedicated to exploring style through the lenses of the everyday girl and the influence of her city. While on a trip in New York this winter, I wanted to explore more of NYC than Manhattan and Times Square. I didn’t want to visit all the usual tourist spots but rather the city’s hidden gems – the local boutiques, the best coffee/tea shop, the perfect place to take in the sites – and how the city speaks to the style of an individual. With a deep love for travel and fashion, I thought I would turn to the blogging community and some of my favorite bloggers to start a series featuring bloggers and their cities. The series will include questions about favorite coffee spots, the best local boutique, how the city/location defines your style, and among others. A mini tour guide if you will – with a stylish twist.

Be sure to follow along via instagram for a sneak peek of tomorrow’s feature…

Fire Engine Midi – Valentines Date Inspiration


Still unsure about how to celebrate Valentines Day this year? You are not alone –  J&I are thinking of keeping it low key by staying in, making dinner for two followed by a movie and desert. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be dressing up for the special holiday.  We may celebrate by going out for our favorite meal – brunch –  instead!  Without a doubt, grabbing brunch in the city is one of our favorite things to do. We try to test out different restaurants around the city but have found that two spots in particular have us coming back time and time again –  Sabrina’s (there are three in the city) and Marathon (the one in Rittenhouse is perfect in warmer weather – nothing like dining al fresco). I am thinking of putting together a feature of must see spots in the city – interested? If you are a local reader/traveling to Philly soon, I promise you can’t go wrong with either of these places… RW.ExpressMidiSkirt.02.2015b





Shop the Post | Skirt (Express, pinkgrey, lavender, bluecoral ), Blouse (Jcrew, similar)

I love the sweetness of this skirt – its a little 50’s glam with a modern, girl next door twist. I will be the first to admit, I wasn’t sure if I could pull off the midi look but was dying to give it a try. This affordably Express midi was the solution – and let me tell you, I am sold on this look and cannot wait to add spring/summer options paired with wedges for the upcoming seasons.

Midi’s are timeless and feminine – a fabulous statement piece to add to your wardrobe. When paired with the right shoe and top, they exemplify sophistication and are perfect for any occasion. Looking to try out the midi trend? Look no further – this Express high waisted full midi skirt is sweet and perfect for Valentines Day this weekend. The fullness of the skirt paired with a blouse or lace crop top and the perfect pair of heels makes for a timeless date night look. This midi is also perfect for the cooler months given its length and the thickness of the material. If you are looking to try this trend, consider this skirt the perfect introduction – one that promises to glam up any date-night look…

Looking for other valentines day inspiration

Thanks for reading along…

Little Red Jacket


New England in the winter is simply breathtaking. J&I made a quick trip up north this past weekend to celebrate a very special lady’s birthday. Had a couple beautiful snow showers while we were there. I was so surprised to see how much snow New England currently has and unfortunately the meteorologists were calling for more snow this evening. Nothing quite like the peacefulness of winter and fresh fallen snow but have to say I am about ready for spring to roll in. Kind of over boots, layers, and puffy coats for the season but winter has made plans to stick around so for now the layers are here to stay.





Outfit Details|| Jacket (similar, similar, similar), Vest (Gap, similar), Blouse (Jcrew, similar), Wide Leg Trousers (Banana Republic, similar, similar, similar) Booties (Nine West, similar)

No better time a year to pull out all things red and pink than this week. With Valentines Day just a work-week away, I’ve pulled together three looks inspired by the week of love to feature this week on RW. Today’s office appropriate look features wide leg trousers, a perfect shade of pink blouse, and a reversible fur vest for warmth. I love this blush pink fur vest for the winter looks. The jacket in these pictures is a light jacket – not warm enough for winter weather but when layered with the fur vest is perfect for a polished look and adds a little variety (read gives us a nice break from the puffy coat).

These wool trousers are one of my winter work wardrobe essentials. On days when the wind whips through the city streets, these trousers make the commute to work bearable. A wide leg trouser is a great investment piece for any wardrobe – they look great with tailored tops, blouses, and blazers. Finding the perfect heel is key for any wide leg trouser – see this week’s style files for additional wide leg trouser inspiration.

Happy Monday! Thanks for stopping in..

Style Files|Distressed Black Denim

Causal Weekend Look

The best looks are those that come together without much thought. You know the ones where you grab a sweater, pair it with jeans, throw on a few accessories and out the door you go. And yet, despite every effort mornings seem to follow the same routine:   open your closet doors and feel as if you have nothing to wear – despite the full racks, overflowing draws, recent purchases?  Looking for some new style secrets to shake things up with your current wardrobe? Searching out inspiration for how to transition from winter to spring? Unsure which pieces to save or splurge on for the next season? Search no more – this series is for you!

Style Files is a weekly Routes&Wings features aimed at giving you, the readers a resource to pull wardrobe inspiration from. If you have a specific style question, leave it below in the comments. It could be next weeks style topic..

This week I am tackling distressed black denim…

Distressed black denim has been everywhere lately. Not only are they the perfect piece to build a effortlessly chic and causal look around, but they are a fabulous foundation for putting together looks for any occasion. These jeans are an excellent investment and can easily be worn throughout the seasons. I’ve paired these Paige Denim jeans with three great shoe options – the flats for errands, the peep toe leather sandals for happy hour, and the booties lunch and a movie. While distressed black denim can easily be paired with sweaters or dressed up with a class blazer, this sweet striped crop top is the perfect causal-weekend-throw-on-and-go look.

The Clare V leopard print fold over clutch is a chic pop of pattern for these jeans. Its a classic item that can accessorize and complete any look. Use it to store your tablet of choice for catching up on your favorite posts of the week or stash away your beauty must haves. If you are in the market or looking to try out some new products check these three current favorite beauty items of mine: this great Bobbi Brown bronzer (a necessity for the long winter daze and the healthiest way to add a little glow to your everyday), this great BB cream by Smashbox (more to come in a future Beauty post on the power of a great BB cream), and the perfect everyday lip pop – Pink Pout by Laura Mercier!
Happy Friday! See you next week & thanks for reading along…

Distressed Denim Look Details: